Azure VM creation through Powershell & Jenkins

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We have discussed Azure Image creation in our last article on Azure VM Image creation through Powershell

Now, lets create the Azure VM with Azure Image ….


I am providing you my Powershell script which you can first edit according to your configuration and then configure it as a Jenkins job to create a Azure VM through Jenkins


You can configure the Jenkins Job by adding a “Build” step and choose “Windows Powershell

Provide your script name along with full path in Command box

And then trigger the Jenkins Job …..


Once triggered, You can then verify the same in Azure portal as well.



And check the Jenkins Console Output


Once Jenkins job is completed, you can cross-verify in Azure portal.


That’s all. You have now successfully created an Azure VM through Jenkins 🙂

We will shortly back with AWS stuff, till then stay tuned ….

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    Awesome Ravi, waiting for more

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