Jenkins File menu is missing so cannot install slave as a service

We have already discussed Jenkins Windows slave configuration where we have seen how to configure windows slave and install windows service for the agent but sometimes due to browser issue or some unknown factors you are not getting the Jenkins File menu. It will stop you from creating windows service for this newly created Jenkins agent.

Though this popup confirms the connection has been established but there is no menu available to start this is as a service which we have seen our last article. This could be a tedious task to do since you might have tried several times on different browser but you are getting the same error. You will get the Slave connection page as below :

So, we can’t just wait for some magic to be happen, we have to manually create the window service which will allow us to manage the service from windows services and then we can stop/start/restart the Jenkins slave as and when required.

We are going to use windows service creation utility “sc” to perform this operation, as shown below :

* sc : Service Control – An utility to create, start, stop, query or delete any windows services.

C:\Jenkins>sc create binPath=ProjJenkinsSlaveStartup.bat DisplayName=JenkinsSlaveTECR

If it is throwing an error in conventional method as shown in above screenshot, we need to provide the absolute path for the command and jenkins startup batch file,  so run the command as below:

C:\Jenkins>sc create jenkins binPath= "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C C:\Jenkins\ProJenkinsSlaveStartup.bat

Once you provide the accurate path and fire the command it will create a windows service for you.

Now go to Windows Settings and then to open the Windows Services and then locate the Jenkins service.

You can also see the status of the service, since it is a new service its in a stopped state and we have to start it.

Click on Start

You can now manage your Jenkins slave/agent process through windows services. It is very useful and manageable when it comes to manage the Jenkins slave on Windows machine.

Go back to your Jenkins Slave Page and now you will see that Agent is Successfully Running and ready to build your project.

You have successfully resolved the Jenkins file menu issue and created/installed windows service for your Jenkins Slave on Windows Machine.

Happy learning …..

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