Jenkins Windows Slave Configuration with Screenshots

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In our last articles, we have discussed how to Install and Configure Jenkins and how to Configure Jenkins Master-Slave setup on Linux machine

I have received few requests/suggestions through my last article  Jenkins Master-Slave setup on Linux machine to share the approach on Configuring Jenkins Slave on Windows Machine

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Unzip and Untar the tar.xz file

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Sometimes you get the “tar.xz” files and you are unsure how to unzip and untar this kind of file.

xz is a lossless compression program and file format. This compression formats used by the 7-Zip program, etc

You need to use “unxz” command to unzip this … Continue Reading...

Puppet Error : Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER: Failed to parse template .erb


When you are creating and defining new template, Puppet use it to parse the file in the agent server but sometimes you might misspelled/right wrong config which leads to throwing error on puppet agent.

One of the error which i received is “Error: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: … Continue Reading...

Continuous Integration vs Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment

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Continuous Integration vs Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment

Heard about these terms ?? …….  I am sure you did 🙂

Some people says Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are same

Some says Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment are same

Some people have a myth that Continuous Delivery means all the builds are  getting automatically deployed into Live environment … Continue Reading...

Jenkins Master-Slave setup and configuration with screenshots


Howdy friends ….

As promised in our Jenkins Installation & Configuration article, here we are with the configuration of Jenkins Master-Slave setup.

We have already learnt about Jenkins Installation and basic Configuration along with setting up our first project and running a build for the same.

Jenkins supports the master-slaves … Continue Reading...

Jenkins – Installation and Configuration on RedHat Distributions with Screenshots

Jenkins Installation and Configuration on RedHat Distributions

Jenkins : One of the leading and most popular CI/CD tool which is currently used in most of the organisations because of its simplicity, flexibility and lot many features like ease-of-use, extensibility, cross-platforms-working, etc

The best thing about Jenkins is that its an Open-Source tool, that means you don’t have … Continue Reading...

Software Release & Deployment Best Practices


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Hope you enjoyed reading our articles on various activities of SCM.

Today, I am going to continue to talk about Software Release and Deployment process which we have covered in our last article.

We have discussed about the basics of software release and deployments. Every project team … Continue Reading...

Target Deployment Servers/Environments


In our last article of Software Release and Deployment, we discussed in detail about target deployment servers or environments.

I hope you have got an idea about them through our last article, but just to throw more light on deployment environments, I chose to write this article.

So, lets … Continue Reading...

Software Release and Deployment – All You Need to Know!


We have already discussed the Version Control Systems which is a key to SCM, then Build Process which is a next step of development and now we will discuss about the Software Release and Deployment process which publishes the actual software for the end users who can view the … Continue Reading...

Build Tools in Software Configuration Management – An Overview

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We discussed about Build Best Practices in our last article in the continuity of our Build Process article.

I am pretty sure, by this time you might have got an idea about the build process and about its best practices. As mentioned build process is one of the most important … Continue Reading...