RPM error: can’t create transaction lock on /var/lib/rpm/__db.000

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Sometimes when you are using rpm, it might throws the warning followed by error, like below:

You can try killing the rpm processes

If after killing the rpm processes –  your rpm hangs and not responding then its related to mount point

To proceed, first Stop the nfs daemon and  comment out the NFS mount entry in /etc/fstab

Now unmount the NFS directory

You might get the error “Device or resource busy“, just wait for minutes and you will get the success

You can check with “mount” command which will confirm there is no NFS mount entry exists.

Then try with with “df -h” which will  will display the filesystem usage. If something is still wrong with mount command then, this command will also hang and will not respond. If not, all good now.

You can now try to run the rpm command and it will run properly

Thats all, you have successfully resolved the rpm and mount error.

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